Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners of 2017 Review

Why Get an Electric Pencil Sharpener?

Pencils are a tool that have been used in schools around the world for decades, and they aren’t going away any time soon. They are great for writing, drawing and sketching, and can easily be purchased from most stores. One issue that they often face is the lead tip becomes dull after a while, and you need to sharpen it to maintain its effectiveness. In the past you had to use a manual sharpener, but nowadays electric pencil sharpeners are becoming more popular.

What’s wrong with a manual sharpener, you might ask? Electric pencil sharpeners are not only faster, but much more reliable. You will no longer break the tip (which can easily occur with bad technique or impatience) and you will also have a much sharper pencil.

Regardless if you are at school or at your workplace, ideally your pencil should be sharp enough to complete your tasks. Do not underestimate how much time and frustration you can save using an electric pencil sharpener.

After browsing dozens of highly-reviewed models and researching for over 15 hours, we believe we have found the best electric pencil sharpeners currently on the market. All of the products listed in this review have been vetted based on their ability to produce a sharp, round-point pencil effortlessly. With that said, our top pick is the X-Acto School Pro Heavy-Duty Electric Sharpener.

The Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners

X-Acto School Pro Heavy-Duty Electric Sharpener

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This sharpener was designed with the classroom in mind, for teachers and students to quickly sharpen their pencils and have a productive day.

It is a sturdy product, with carbon steel sharpening blades, manufactured by the top brand in the market. Part of Elmer’s brand, X-Acto has built a reputation as being one of the best in producing cutting products. When you are buying from X-Acto, you can count on quality materials and a product that is built to last.

Furthermore, there are some additional benefits which should not be understated. Its patented fly-away cutter will prevent over-sharpening, and its silent motor ensures your classroom or office will not be disturbed by the sharpening process. It can also sharpen pencils of all different sizes, not just the standard #2 pencil which US classrooms use. If its receptacle is removed, the SafeStart feature prevents it from starting up unexpectedly.

Lastly, this product is energy-efficient since it does not use any electricity when it is not being used. And, to sweeten the deal, its 2-year manufacturer warranty guarantees that you will get the high-quality product that you expect.


  • Sharpening technology that prevents over sharpening
  • Can sharpen any size pencil
  • Quiet
  • Highly affordable
  • SafeStart feature prevents operation when receptacle has been removed to prevent accidents


  • As with any sharpener, the blades will dull over time and will require replacements

School Smart Electric Heavy-Duty Pencil Sharpener

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If, for whatever reason, you cannot get access to an X-Acto School Pro, don’t fret; a great alternative is the School Smart Electric Heavy-Duty Pencil Sharpener. It is nearly toe-to-toe with X-Acto’s product, has been used extensively in classrooms as well, and will help you make a perfect sharp pencil tip every time.

Whether for home, office, or classroom use, this product is can sharpen #2 pencils like nobody’s business. Unfortunately, this may be the only real downside when compared to the X-Acto School Pro, which can sharpen multiple pencil sizes. Often, there are promotions where you can also get a complimentary pack of Teaching Mart #2 pencils (pack of 12) if you would like some freebies.

This product contains a heavy duty motor that has auto reset capabilities so it will not overheat, along with a helical steel blade for easy sharpening. Once a pencil has been fully sharpened, the machine can sense it and stop automatically, ensuring a perfect tip every time. Its tray is very easy to take out and clean, and removing it will lock the device as a safety precaution.

With dimensions of 5 ½” H x 3 ¾” W x 7 ¾” L, it will not occupy too much space and is great value for its price. Having been used in numerous classrooms, it has stood the test of time and is worth taking a look at. Lastly, there is even a vertical version of this product if this would fit into your work area better.

Magno Sharpener

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The Magno Sharpener is a low-cost option for buyers who don’t want their pencil sharpener to have a cord. This is especially important in a classroom setting, since a cord is a tripping hazard for children. Furthermore, this product is battery operated and can be a good supplement to other electric sharpeners. Its design is very attractive, and it produces much less waste than other sharpeners.

Avalon Electronic Pencil Sharpener

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This sharpener has a built-in pencil holder so you can store some pre-sharpened pencils for you to quickly use. Its titanium bonded blades is razor sharp, and will help you get a uniform sharp point in only a couple of seconds. The Avalon Electronic Pencil Sharpener comes with a safety shut-off feature to prevent operation when the shavings bin is not in place. Overall, it is a very solid product that is ideal for home, office, or classroom use.

School Smart Adjustable Electric Pencil Sharpener

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The School Smart Adjustable Electric Pencil Sharpener is reminiscent of the X-Acto Sharpener because it has various holes for different sized pencils. It is intended for heavy-volume use so it is ideal in classrooms or the office. Its large receptacle is effortless to remove from the unit, and can hold lots of pencil shavings before needing to be cleaned out.

Honorable Mention: SharpTank Portable Pencil Sharpener

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Another product that can give the X-Acto Pro a good fight is the SharpTank Portable Pencil Sharpener. We’re kind of cheating here, as this is not an electric sharpener. However, as many users have claimed, this thing is no slouch; it is able to perform on the level of an electric sharpener. Not only is it very quiet, it is also highly compact and fits well in a classroom. If you are in the middle of a lesson and you do not want to hear the motor of an electric pencil sharpener, then you can opt for a manual sharpener instead.

The bright red design and sleek design make it stand out as not only a functional product, but an aesthetically pleasing one as well. The solid metal body is highly durable, and its sharp blades are good for 5,000 uses. Whether in a classroom or office setting, it will last a long time.

SharpTank’s special tention springs pull the pencil directly to the cutting chamber to produce the perfect pencil tip. Any pencil sharpener worth its salt will never over sharpen the pencil, and this product is no exception.

Wish to change or clean the blade? No problem, the blades can simply be disconnected and taken out. At only 4.9” x 4.9” x 2.9”, and weighing 1.1 pounds, this is a heavy-duty product with an extremely light weight.


Buying and using any of the electric pencil sharpeners covered in this review will help you save a lot of time whether you use it in the home, workplace, or classroom. Many of these options are very quiet as well, so you can sharpen without worrying about causing interruptions. We felt that out of all the options, the X-Acto Pro is the best all-around electric pencil sharpener, with a close second going to the School Smart product.

Using any of the products mentioned here, you will always have a sharp pencil at your fingertips.